Bunzl Ag Group unveils Smart Packaging peel & reseal solution for fresh produce

The Bunzl Agriculture Group has introduced Label Seal, a fully integrated produce lidding system designed for the fresh produce industry. The system includes a heat seal lidding machine with a line of produce-oriented tubs and associated lidding films. One lidding film option offers a peel-and-reseal feature. This particular film is strong enough to withstand the rigors of shipping, yet it’s pliable enough to open and close multiple times. Several supermarket chains are turning to peel-and-reseal containers for ready-to-eat produce, and the Bunzl Ag Group has moved to meet this need.

The Label Seal equipment integrates into existing packing line operations for the retail packaging of tomatoes, blueberries, kiwis, cherries and other fresh produce commodities. The Bunzl Ag Group is pursuing opportunities with several major accounts after successfully installing a Label Seal system with a blueberry grower based in British Columbia, Canada.

Please contact us for more production information and samples.