Our Product Quality and Food Safety

You and your teams have worked hard throughout the season to cultivate and pick the finest quality produce for the consumer. When it comes time to pack that produce, you want to know that the packaging you choose to deliver it has been produced and provided to you with the same level of care and attention to safety.

The Bunzl Agriculture Group is committed to the highest standards of product quality and safety throughout our operations and supply chain. You can be assured that the same standards to which we hold our own facilities and employees are also required of our supply chain.  Some of the processes and practices are outlined here.

Third Party Audits

Bunzl Agriculture contracts with health, safety and audit consulting firms, who work closely with produce companies, and related manufacturingand process facilities, on a variety of processes and food safety standards. These consulting organizations provides us with regular audits and write ups on programs including:

  • OSHA Compliance
  • Food Safety Compliance
  • HACCP Standards
  • Job Safety Compliance & Training
  • Fire Prevention & Hazard Programs
  • Federal Compliance
  • Labor Relations

 QC Inspection

Bunzl Agriculture facilities practice stringent inbound quality inspection, in-line inspection on production lines, automated camera-based visual inspection in our assembly centers, and random sample quality inspections methods in our manufacturing, shipping, and receiving processes.


Bunzl Ag conducts Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures. These procedures are specific to the type of packaging developed and handled in the facility.  The procedures are reviewed and updated quarterly and address the following:

  • Frequency of cleaning and sanitation
  • Procedures for cleaning
  • Specific cleaning and sanitizing materials to be used for each piece of equipment
  • Label and MSDS information and safe handling

Training & Safety Programs

The Bunzl Agriculture Group is committed to providing safe and FDA compliant products as well as healthy working environment and for its employees and our respective supply chains. Our organization documents and regularly trains employees on programs including:

  • Quality Assurance Program
  • Job Safety Standards
  • Food Safety, Product handling and Storage
  • Hand Washing & Personal Hygiene
  • Sanitation procedures and Standards
  • Security standards and Measures
  • Third Party Factory Audits

For more information about these programs please contact us.