Microwave Steam Packaging

Destiny Packaging Launches grab & steam™ bags

Retailers Make Fresh Produce Jump Off the Shelves With grab & steamTM bags from Destiny Packaging

Food retailers who want to create more profit in their produce departments can turn to the Destiny Packaging’s grab & steam microwave steaming bag. Destiny has taken its zippered microwavable cooking bag featuring steam valve technology and designed a retail version with a gusseted bottom, new graphics and a handle that tempts customers to grab it and go.

“We took our traditional flat bag pouch that our foodservice customers have been using for years and tailored it to meet food retailers’ merchandising needs,” said Dessi Gnann, sales representative at Destiny Packaging. “Our supermarket customers who are already using our grab & steam bag for veggies tell us that they’re making up to two dollars per bag above their per pound price on bulk vegetables.”

In addition to earning greater margin per pound, Shari Krueger, director of marketing at Destiny Packaging, added that shoppers are also buying more produce when it comes in grab & steam bags.

“One of my supermarket customers, a major Southwestern supermarket chain, sold 300 grab & steam bags of veggies in one day after an in-store cooking demonstration,” said Krueger.

Krueger emphasized that what retailers are putting in the bags and how they promote them is having a big impact on customers and sales. Another one of Bunzl’s customers, a large Midwestern supermarket chain, is preparing Asian Mix with sliced peppers, Yukon potatoes with garlic and other unique recipes. These dishes provide a variety of convenient, enticing choices for their customers. The chain highlights their creations with brightly lettered chalkboards placed near their product displays.

“The retailer’s creativity in developing and merchandising a grab & steam produce program can really help them stand out in the market area and become their customers’ destination for delicious, easy-to-prepare produce,” said Krueger. “Retailers can also customize the grab & steam bag to create their own private-label brands.”

Tasting is believing, added Gnann, who explained how the in-store cooking demonstrations allow customers to experience the simple preparation and fresh flavors of grab & steam veggies.

“The in-store chefs will show customers how easy it is to open the bag’s zipper and add ingredients to the vegetables,” said Gnann. “Very little oil or butter is required, which cuts down on calories. The steam valve on the bag allows for a combination of microwave and pressure cooking that helps preserve the vegetables’ nutrients and color. The dish will be ready in as little as one-and-a-half minutes for asparagus to five minutes for artichokes, and the cooking speed makes a big impression on customers. Once they find out how good the food tastes, they are sold.”

While Krueger recognizes that in-store labor is involved to prepare the produce, typically retailers won’t need to hire additional staff to operate a grab & steam program. Additionally, grab & steam bags allow retailers to creatively package excess or slow-moving produce for faster sale while extending its shelf life for 48 hours with built-in technology that controls the oxygen transmission rate.

Top Retailer and Customer Benefits of grab & steam

Retailer Benefits

  • Easy to pack
  • Reduces waste
  • Moves more product
  • Increases margins up to $2.00 over commodity price
  • Easy to create different product blends
  • Custom branding available

Customer Benefits

  • Quick and easy meal solution that’s ready in minutes
  • No pots and pans makes for easy clean up
  • Veggies have better color and texture
  • Steam cooking keeps nutrients locked in
  • Portion control for watching calories
  • Stay-cool area for easy handling

For demonstration videos and more information on the Destiny Packaging grab & steam bag, go to www.destinypackaging.com.To inquire about starting a grab & steam program, contact Shari Krueger or Dessi Gnann at 831-455-8000.

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