About Bunzl Agriculture Group

The Bunzl Agriculture Group is a family of agriculture service companies providing quality produce packaging, supplies and technology.  Comprised of Cool-Pak, Destiny Packaging, Netpak and Monte Package Company, the Bunzl Agriculture Group covers the needs of our customers for: film packaging, clamshells, labels, corrugated and pallet supplies.    In addition, the Bunzl Ag Technology group offers the latest in trace label technology, PTI solutions as well as automated packing house machinery and equipment. With operations in California, Arizona, Michigan, Florida, Canada, and Mexico the Bunzl Agriculture Group covers some of the most productive growing regions in the North America.

We invite you to see how the Bunzl Agricultural Group can cover your needs for “What’s on Your Pallet”!

Our History

In 2010, Bunzl North America began acquiring companies that have greatly expanded the products and solutions offered to fresh fruit and vegetable growers, shippers, repackers and other food suppliers. The first acquisition was Cool Pak (www.cool-pak.com), a California-based distributor of stock and custom-designed clamshells, trays, tubs, labels, and related supplies.

To further extend our agriculture market solutions, in 2011 Bunzl acquired Network Paper and Packaging Ltd., or Netpak (www.netpak.net), based in the Vancouver, British Columbia area.  These related companies specialize in packaging solutions for fresh fruit and vegetables grown in Canada and the United States. In 2012, Bunzl purchased Destiny Packaging (www.destinypackaging.com), a leading distributor of flexible packaging supplies to fruit and vegetable growers throughout California and Arizona.

In 2018, Monte Package Company (www.montepkg.com) was acquired by and became part of the Bunzl Agriculture Group.  The Monte Package Company is headquartered out of Riverside, Michigan with locations in Lakeland and Boynton Beach Florida servings customers throughout Michigan, the Eastern Seaboard and Florida.   Monte’s brings three generations of experience to agricultural packaging and supplies to the Bunzl Agriculture Group.

The four companies, Cool Pak, Destiny Packaging, Netpak and Monte Package Company make up the Bunzl Agriculture Group.

As the industry continues to experience consolidation and competitive pressures, we have brought a wealth of management, warehousing and market distribution expertise to the fresh produce grower-shipper market. Our breadth of product line, custom packaging development, national service capability, high level customer service and consistency makes us a leader in the industry.