Eco-Packaging Capabilities

The Bunzl Agriculture Group has a multi-faceted policy of offering improved eco-footprint packaging. Technology is moving fast and new offerings become available all the time. Our goal is to be at the forefront of what is viable today while tracking technologies that will become viable tomorrow.

Key Capabilities for improving your eco-footprint include:

  1. Material Reduction: Often called light weighting, it can be a very effective method for quickly reducing a plastic footprint. There are reductions of 10-20% that can be immediately undertaken provided all stakeholders take an active role in the identification and testing of these initiatives.
  2. Recycled Materials: The Bunzl Ag Group has been using recycled materials for well over a decade and has worked with major retailers to transition packaging from non-recyclable materials, such as PS, into 100% recycled PET, as an example.   Recycled corrugate makes up a majority of our corrugated box programs.
  3. Improved Cube: Inefficient packaging design is very common. We work on design improvements that can have multiple benefits including: reduced materials (smaller packages), improved cube within a master shipping container (less material) and greatly improved shipping efficiencies (more product per load for lower greenhouse gas emissions, as well as lower freight expenditures.)
  4. Alternative Materials: Alternatives to plastic have been improving and we have grown our product offering in recent years to include fiber (e.g. bagasse, bamboo, sugarcane) and paper (e.g. folding carton, micro-fluted corrugate) solutions.
  5. Bio-Resins: The Bunzl Ag Group became involved in bio-based resins (non petroleum based polymers) over 10 years ago and have experience with corn and starch based resins including PLA, PHA and cellulose. Hybrid resins are quickly becoming the most viable solution, preserving current package performance and consumer friendly display, and can be integrated into existing manufacturing processes.
  6. Recyclable Design: In almost every case, produce packaging is a combination of unlike materials that render the package almost impossible to recycle. We now use new technologies in adhesives, ink and material combinations that allow our packaging to be easily recycled.

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