Field Products

The Bunzl Agriculture Group supplies specialty crop growers with solutions needed to efficiently grow and harvest their produce. We offer the best in high-quality field products required for the cultivation of a variety of commodities.

With a focus on sourcing through trusted, cost-effective partners, we ensure that products crucial to your successful operation are of the highest quality and competitively priced.

We are committed to continual innovation, and improving how the ag industry engages with innovation, by understanding the challenges growers face as they bring crops to market. Through the deep industry knowledge of our staff, partners, and customers, we have created new technologies and improved existing products in the pursuit of maximizing operational efficiency. Examples include improvement of barrier mulch films, becoming the leading source for Honduran Pine stakes, creating Titan RFP fiberglass stakes, improving existing harvesting containers, designing stronger and lighter vegetable twine, and creating long-term plant protection wraps.

Contact Us to develop a better way of doing business, with high quality, research-proven solutions growers need for higher yields and enhanced profits.