glue delivery system

Bunzl Agriculture announced an improved glue delivery system

The Bunzl Agriculture Group is proud to introduce InvisiPak to our product line up.  This is a truly “On Demand” glue delivery system produced by Graco, a leading expert in fluid management. It would replace conventional “Crock Pot” type glue systems on tray forming Equipment.

Conventional glue systems keep the glue heated, which can have challenges.  Charring of adhesive can plague the delivery lines; clog filters and diminishes bond strength.  The InvisiPak system is a “first in first out” system, only melting adhesive when required. Paraffin is the medium that aids in bond strength, but burns off in a conventional glue system.  The InvisiPak keeps the paraffin from burning off thus maintaining the integrity of the adhesive.

Netpak recently placed 2 units in one the larger Hothouses in Langley, BC and a third on the way.  It proved to reduce glue consumption by 30%. That being said, the customer was able to use smaller glue dispensing nozzles and apply less adhesive, and at the same time substantially increase bond strength.

Another key detail is the InvisiPak does not require keeping the glue hot; the power consumption is reduced significantly.

These factors make the InvisiPak glue system a great addition in decreasing downtime, reducing labour, and increasing productivity all while keeping those units running for years to come.

For more information, please contact us or call your local Bunzl Agriculture Group office.